history of Power Lift foundation repair company

Engineered for Success: Our Company History

Bill McCown grew up in the field of commercial masonry work.  Throughout the years his family’s business was continually contacted by people wanting their brick fixed.  From his experience in commercial masonry work, he recognized that the brick was not the problem.  The major issue that was affecting millions of homes and buildings throughout the mid-western and southern United States was …. foundation failure!

United States Patent for pile driving and foundation support systemsSo in 1986, Bill began Power Lift Foundation Systems with the goal of providing foundation repair services to homeowners, investors, and builders with settlement problems.

Through the years, Power Lift has reached a variety of milestones:

  • Offices in Dallas (TX) and Wichita (KS)
  • Moved into new constuction field
  • 7 U.S. Patents for pile driving/foundation support systems
  • Thousands of repair projects
  • Hundreds of new construction projects
  • Thousands of satisfied clients

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