safety on foundation repairs

Our Commitment to Safety

Power Lift Foundation Systems is always focused on the safety of our foundation solutions, our clients and our employees. It is our intent to comply with all local, state and federal safety standards, codes and regulations.

We are also committed to discovering, correcting and preventing safety and environmental health hazards that could affect our employees and the general public.

Clients: We are committed to providing foundation systems that are safe and effective for our clients and the residents/tenants of their buildings.

Employees: We are committed to providing the best, safest and most helpful working conditions.


Power Lift has achieved an experience modifier rating of 0.71 — representing industry excellence in safety. For reference, many major companies demand that their partners maintain an EMR of less than 1.0.

AND…Our Safety Manual contains more than 200 pages.

That’s how dedicated we are to safety!

If you have any questions about our safety activities, please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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