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Commercial foundation construction

Put Your New Construction on a Solid Foundation

When you are planning a new construction project, you always need to keep a close eye on the bottom line. Budgets and schedules are crucial, of course…

But it all starts with the foundation.

You need to know that you’re building your structure on a rock-solid foundation in order to avoid foundation issues in the future — because if those issues begin, you could incur a variety of damages and significant repairs could be required.

How It Works

Many builders choose to ensure that their foundations are preemptively equipped to exist in shifting or poor soils.

With a custom-designed solution from Power Lift, helical piles and anchors are used with prefabricated steel brackets (or pile heads) that connect the helical screw pile or anchor to the structure itself.

Once construction is complete, builders have the security of knowing that they can depend on Power Lift to keep things “on the level.”


Choose A Reliable Partner

You can count on us because:

  • Our highly trained team performs a thorough evaluation of your plan.
  • Every job is custom. There’s no “one size fits all” with Power Lift.
  • The engineering, design and products we use are just plain better!

Commerical Owners

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Home Builders

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