Commercial Repair Project Summaries

Commercial Repair Project Summaries

Foundation repair plan in Bossier City

Bossier City Readiness Center

The home offices of the Louisiana National Guard in Bossier City, Louisiana began to show signs of settlement over time. Accordingly, state officials prepared a preliminary plan of repair. Upon work start, Power Lift identified major variations between the perceived foundation construction and the actual foundation construction. Accordingly, Power Lift teamed with Smith Engineering, Inc., of Bossier City, Louisiana, to develop an appropriate repair plan.

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Foundation repair on Butler County Community College

Butler County Community College

In March of 2008, Power Lift was contacted by college personnel reporting interior distress of the interior slab and interior load bearing walls. The distress observed posed life safety issues such as doors that would not open and close properly and trip hazards in the floor slab. Power Lift’s synchronized lifting system was utilized to simultaneously raise 99 piles that had been installed to support the walls and slab.

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Foundation repair on Eaton Hotel

Eaton Hotel

The wood floor framing system of this historic hotel had settled more than 8.5” over the years. Power Lift worked with Key Construction and the EOR to design and install a new steel support system to carry each floor load. Power Lift’s unified lifting system was used to simultaneously raise new steel basement support columns 6.5” to remedy the existing settlement.

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Foundation underpinning on Isley Elementary School

Isley Elementary School

Interior foundation walls at this Wichita, KS elementary school had settled over 5” causing life safety concerns due to inoperable doors and excessive floor slopes. Power Lift worked with MKEC Engineering Consultants, Inc. to design an underpinning and lifting system to remedy the problem. Power Lift’s synchronized hydraulic lifting system raised the foundation more than 5”, back to near its original position where it was permanently secured.

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Foundation repair on Mid-Continent Public Library

Mid-Continent Public Library

In the summer of 2006, settlement was observed by library personnel. The settlement intensified into the fall necessitating emergency repairs to halt the ongoing settlement. Power Lift’s piles were driven more than 20’ and founded in the underlying shale stratum to permanently secure the building’s foundation.

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Foundation repair on Peoples Bank of Nixa

People’s Bank of Nixa

The building’s ornate entrance began experiencing settlement shortly after construction. Poorly compacted basement backfill was allowing settlement of the shallow entrance foundations. Power Lift worked with Ross Builders, Inc., to develop an underpinning and lifting system to raise and permanently support the structure.

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Foundation repair at Raytown Fire Station

Raytown Fire Station

Shortly after removal of underground fuel storage tanks and contaminated soils, the Raytown fire station began to experience excessive foundation settlement along the north wall. Power Lift installed 36 driven steel piles and raised the structure more than 4” to correct the problem.

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Foundation repair on Twin Box Culverts

Twin Box Culverts

Power Lift was contacted by the Yantis Company regarding elevating of two newly constructed twin box culverts. It was determined an error had occurred when establishing the benchmark for the subdivision development. One culvert needed to be raised 3’ and the other 3’-6”. Power Lift teamed with the San Antonio, Texas engineering firm of Cutler Gallaway Services, Inc., to develop a unique solution to elevate and salvage these culverts utilizing Power Lift’s synchronized lifting systems.

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Foundation repair at United Instruments Inc

United Instruments, Inc.

Poor surface drainage conditions and water infiltration caused excessive settlement of the exterior and interior southwest corner of this two-story office building. Power Lift worked with a local engineer to design an underpinning system to raise and re-support the distressed area of the building. Utilizing Power Lift’s unified, synchronized lifting system, the perimeter and interior foundations and slab were raised back to their original elevation and secured.

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Foundation repair using underpinning on Ennis Intermediate School

Ennis Intermediate School

Complete perimeter underpinning of a 4 year old, 45,000 square foot school building requiring nearly 400 piles to depths of 45′.

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Foundation repair using underpinning on Fairways Apartments

Fairway Apartments

Underpinning of 11 multi-family apartment buildings to stop ongoing settlement. One building required 60 piles to be raised simultaneously

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Foundation repair by underpinning on Fort Sam Houston

Fort Sam Houston

Underpinning the stone foundation of a turn of the 20th century three-story barrack in San Antonio, TX.

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Foundation repair by underpinning on St. Gobain Containers

St. Gobain Containers

Underpinning of a bottling plant furnace mat foundation utilizing 7″ O.D., 320 kip capacity jacked steel piles in Ruston, LA.

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Foundation repair by underpinning on Kilgore

Porter Business Building-Kilgore Junior College

Underpinning of a concrete framed three-story building utilizing 8 5/8″ O.D., 300 kip capacity helical piles.

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Foundation repair by underpinning on Kroger

Kroger #539

Underpinning to stop settlement of a Kroger Signature store in Shreveport, LA using 7″ O.D., 300 kip capacity helical piles to depths of 80′ and raising of the structure more than 8″.

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Foundation repair by underpinning on McAdoo Hotel

McAdoo Hotel

Underpinning and raising of a historic three-story building in Shreveport, LA utilizing 4 ½” O.D.,180 kip capacity helical piles to depths of more than 50′.

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Foundation repair and strengthening on NYLO

Historic NYLO Hotel

Installation of 4 ½” O.D., 100 kip capacity helical piles beneath the original slab to support new elevator foundations in a historic Dallas building.

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Foundation cracke repair on Santa Fe Ranch

Santa Fe Ranch Luxury Apartments

Installation of 100 kip capacity jacked piles to depths of 45′ installed through an excavated area below slab to allow lowering of a 5 year old, 8,000 square foot structure to address heave issues.

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Foundation repair on Texas Sand Plant

Texas Sports Sand

Underpinning of a mat foundation supporting three 280 ton sand storage silos utilizing jacked piles with capacities of more than 90 kips, driven to depths of more than 50′.

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Concrete foundation repair on Texas_A&M

Texas A&M Building #457

Underpinning of a concrete framed three-story building built in 1934 requiring new collars cast around the original foundation columns utilizing jacked piles with 100 kip capacity to depths of approx 35′.

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Powerlift Foundation company on load testing program

Load Testing Program

Testing of Power Lift piles per ASTM D-1143.

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Tavern Platt Park

The new foundation construction for another Tavern restaurant in Denver, Colorado required deep helical piles for permanent foundation support.

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