Helical Piles — Design Capacity

helical piles design capacity

At Power Lift, our helical piles are custom-designed to offer the capacity required and can be extended to any required depth — efficiently and economically. Most companies purchase manufactured low capacity piles from a distributor and apply same cookie cutter approach to all projects.  For instance, if piles are used to support new pile caps with a service load of 400 kips, they might install eight 50 kip piles or four 100 kip piles. At Power Lift, we would likely choose one 400 kip pile. We manufacture our own pile shafts (both round and square) as well as the helix plates. Every facet of the helical pile is custom tailored to each project’s unique needs.
Helical Pile Design Capacity by Powerlift Foundation Company


Although there are huge amounts of data available about predicting helical performance, we believe that custom designs should be field-tested for capacity verification. That’s why we routinely perform full-scale load tests per ASTMD-1143 and often discover that our piles are able to exceed our calculated predictions and handle greater loads than expected.
Special Note: All of our testing is observed by independent laboratories and the results are certified by our engineers.

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