Helical Piles — History

Earliest Use

helical piles historyA blind Irish engineer named  Alexander Mitchell is credited as the first person to start using helical piles for their superior performance.Helical piles (sometimes called “screw piles”)  began appearing in the 19th century as pile foundations for lighthouses. Mitchell found the helical design to be highly effective for constructing lighthouses and other structures on top of mud or shifting sands. He described their use in a paper in Civil Engineer’s and Architects Journal in 1848.

Solid Results & Improvements

Over the next half-century, more than 100 screw pile lighthouses were built up and down the U.S.’s eastern coastline. And although they were made from cast or wrought iron, they had limited capabilities. Modern helical piles are made from a variety of materials and can provide impressive bearing and tension capacity for any kind of structure. For the past 20 years, Power Lift Foundation Systems has used custom-designed helical piles to provide foundation support for projects across the United States. Our specialty and what sets us apart from the rest is our custom design approach. When it comes to large capacity helical screw piles in the central United States, Power lift is unmatched.

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