Foundation Repair by Foundation Type

pier beam crawl space

There are three common types of residential foundation systems in the United States. Each has advantages based on location. When considering the right solution/system for your foundation, there are many variables to consider, from climate, to types of soil, to weight of the structure. In some cases, a combination of systems may be necessary.

Residential Foundation Types:

Concrete Slab

This system has a perimeter footing (or grade beam) supporting the perimeter wall and roof loads. It also has a concrete floor inside. Some slabs have interior stiffening beams or footings which can be load-bearing.

Depending on the area, soil conditions, and loads, the reinforcing required for concrete slabs varies greatly. Although concrete slabs are usually ground-supported, they can be suspended or supported by piles, or even a ground/piles combination.

Pier & Beam / Crawlspace

For this design, wood beams support the perimeter wall and roof loads. The beams themselves are supported by some type of pier (or in some cases a continuous concrete footing and stem wall).

A pier-and-beam or crawlspace foundation usually has a wooden floor system inside the structure. This floor is generally comprised of wood joists, beams/girders and subfloor. The “crawlspace” is the name given to the open space below the floor.


When building a basement foundation, typically a portion of it is constructed below ground. Some are completely below grade; others are partially below grade.

Generally, builders excavate an area to match the dimensions of the structure. Then a continuous footing is cast around the perimeter; sometimes, interior footings are also cast.

Next, block or concrete walls are constructed upon the footing and the concrete slab floor is cast inside. The basement walls support the perimeter wall and roof loads.

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For new construction projects in the areas we serve, helical piles are the best way to ensure a solid foundation  that is built to last. Call us today to learn more on how we can help put your new home on a firm foundation!

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