Basement Wall Repair

Basement Issues

Throughout Kansas, much of Missouri, and in other areas within Power Lift’s “service areas,” basements are susceptible to the effects of shifting soils.

Foundation subsidence and settlement are common problems that affect basements. Also a basement can be affected by pressure applied to the wall from the adjacent soil mass. As the soil takes on moisture, a “swell force” is exerted on the wall — which often causes the wall to bow, or push inward. (This is quite common for masonry block walls that have little or no reinforcement, as well as for “cast in place” concrete walls.)

How We Repair Them

If settlement/subsidence is occurring, underpinning utilizing Power Lift’s Driven or Helical Screw Piles will be recommended.

If the basement walls are pushing inward, Power Lift uses two solutions to strengthen the walls:

1. If you want to hold the wall in place and stop the inward movement, Power Lift will Install Power Strut Wall Braces on masonry block and “cast in place” concrete walls.

2. If your goal is to move the wall outward and hold it in place, Power Lift will install Power Hold wall anchors on “cast in place” concrete walls. This product will hold the wall in place and can be used to pull the bowed wall out to the correct position.

See our basement solutions:

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