mudjacking, concrete leveling, slab raising, pressure grouting, void filling or slabjacking

Many Names, One Important Solution

Whether you know it as mudjacking, concrete leveling, slab raising, pressure grouting, void filling or slabjacking, it is a process used to fill voids and add additional support under concrete slabs.

By pumping a cement/soil mixture under pressure into the desired area, we can fill cavities beneath slabs. By increasing pumping pressure, driveways, sidewalks and floor slabs can be raised.

This work is accomplished by utilizing special equipment to pump grout beneath the slab. Our equipment is especially designed for this work. Our pumps deliver grout at a slow continuous rate and they are operated by a remote control so the slab can be raised precisely. Standard concrete pumps should never be used for work of this nature, as severe damage to the slab could occur due to uncontrolled injection.

Why It Is Needed

MudjackingThere are a variety of reasons that concrete sinks or settles. Here are the most common:

  • The original concrete was installed on soil that was not compacted properly
  • Soil erosion
  • Soil shrinkage due to drought
  • Water penetration through joints softening the sub-grade.

In any case, if the concrete begins to tilt or sink, it can cause major slab issues, unwanted water runoff, and even trip hazards.

How It Works

Mudjacking can solve many concrete problems from slab settlement /subsidence of pool decks, drives, and streets, to repairing falling sidewalks.

By pumping a slurry grout, a mixture of water, dirt and cement, under the concrete slab, all voids can be filled, and by injecting more grout, the slab is raised.

The Benefits

This process is a more efficient alternative to replacing concrete which involves removing the old concrete, preparing the sub-grade, placing reinforcement, laying new concrete, requiring more equipment and workers than you would with mudjacking.

Also helpful:

  • In some cases replacement cost is nearly twice as much as mudjacking
  • It sets more rapidly
  • There is no need to disturb nearby landscaping or plants
  • It is more environmentally friendly, as it allows the concrete slab to be salvaged instead of demolished
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