Shreveport, LA Foundation Repair Case Study

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In 2011, a Shreveport, LA homeowner called Power Lift to advise him regarding a significant foundation problem.  An elevation study was performed which indicated the slab had settled as much as 2” along the perimeter.  An underpinning repair plan was generated, but the owner elected to delay the project.  Subsequently, the owner re-contacted us in 2015.  We returned and conducted a new survey.  Interestingly enough, the slab settlement had improved by a factor of 50% and now showed only 1” of settlement.  The repair plan was updated and the work then performed.

A later review of this case showed the improvement was largely due to more favorable weather in 2015, than was present in 2011.  In the years 2010 and 2011 there were back to back droughts, while 2015 is having a surplus of rainfall.  This further illustrates the potential of soil shrinkage due to drought.

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